Taking You From Come, Worship & Connect; To Go and Serve In Christ

How do we become someone who is used by God for His service?

If we are going to be the church, it’s important we understand how we become the church and as a church how we become someone who is used by God for His service in our community, nation, and world.

How do we become someone who is used by God for His service? Do we enroll ourselves and train like those preparing for a military bootcamp hoping to make it into God’s army? Or is there another way we are prepared to be used by God for His service?

Don't Resent God's Grace and Mercy

Do you recognize the miracle it is that you are a part of God’s people?

Many take the church and their Christian walk for granted. It is evident in their lack of church attendance and participation. As well as their lack of prayer, Bible reading, and evangelism shows they aren’t amazed at what God had to accomplish to provide them a place among His covenant people. Today we explore what had to take place not only for Israel to exist but for the church to exist and for you and me to be a part of it.

Don't Resent God's Grace and Mercy

Why Should We Seek Contentment?

Our society breeds discontentment. Think about it. Every day we are bombarded with messages that tell us to be happy we need more things, fewer wrinkles, better vacations, and fewer troubles. The result of being hit with these messages day in and day out is that we find ourselves discontent in our jobs, marriages, churches, homes, friendships, and with our possessions. As Christians, we should learn to be content with what we have. But why? Why should we seek contentment?

Don't Resent God's Grace and Mercy

Obedience, Discipline, and Discipleship in the Family – How should parents and their children interact with one another?

Today’s television shows don’t always present a picture that is best for families and even society, when it comes to how parents and their children should interact. The Bible, however, presents a better picture, one that has stood the test of time. So how should parents and their children interact with one another?

How Should We Respond to the Good News of Jesus at Christmas?

Christmas is the time of year that we celebrate Jesus’ birth. People celebrate that in many different ways. Some put up lights, others send Christmas cards, others volunteer, and still others make sure they greet others with Merry Christmas. While many respond in these ways, the question we all ought to be asking is how does the Bible call us to respond to the good news of Jesus at Christmas?

Don't Resent God's Grace and Mercy

Don’t Bow to Idols

Not everyone worships God, or calls others to worship God, but everyone worships something and calls others to worship alongside them. This includes even the most secular minded individual. Even they call others to worship idols. As Christians, however, we must stand firm against the pressure to bow to societies idols. Today we talk about why and how we should do that.

Don't Resent God's Grace and Mercy

Christian Community is for the Benefit of Others

What is the perfect church community for us to be apart of? Is it one that’s cool, offering a lot of amenities to its members? Is it one that fits our theological niche? Is it one that has a dynamic worship service? Is it one in which we always feel comfortable? Is it one that is popular? Is that what we should be looking for? Or should we be looking for something else?

Don't Resent God's Grace and Mercy

Fathers, Man Up!

Fatherless homes are an epidemic in our nation. 17.4 million children live in homes without fathers. While fathers in the home is crucial, there is more we must do than just be home. Find out what that is and how we can do it in this week’s message.